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The brainchild of Smith & Monger Founder Richard Lamballe and co-founder, entrepreneur Emma Sinclair, London’s first artisan private members Health & Wellbeing Space opened in late 2013.

It’s a special place ‘Where Good Things Happen’ – from treatments and consultations with world leading practitioners to an eclectic and inspirational mix of talks and events not to mention things for sale.

Membership ranges from Queens Park mums to Global CEO’s and some of the UK’s biggest names in music, fashion, film and society. Not to mention Mr. Chin who runs the cab firm round the corner – a very special man indeed.

We feel it offers us at the very least a point of difference to the ‘still or sparkling?’ W1 agency with ping pong table and legions of interns – and better still, a wonderful tool we can put to use in a multitude of ways for our clients. Who, incidentally get a FREE MEMBERSHIP.

We sell, promote, introduce, host, sample, gift and entertain behind its formidable gates. We donate a % of its profits to chosen causes because above all else we want to make both a difference and a point, as well as a competitive point of difference.