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The agency

Clients can expect a ‘Smith’ and a team of ‘Mongers’; each unit operating with an industry leading consultant. Together they offer one multi-disciplined team. As a growing business, built on a culture of effectiveness we think this gives us an edge.

This dynamic not only accelerates quick and effective business solutions but gives campaigns a different dimension of commercial creativity.

We like our name because we believe in ‘it does what it says on the tin’. Experts doing what they do best, no over promising, no under delivery. Why would anyone choose to work with a generalist, when you can use a specialist.

Brand PR and Creative Communications Specialists

Agency Directors lead the development and execution of all client campaigns on a day to day basis, introducing the rigour of planning and inspiring creativity. They excel in the strategic and creative development of integrated campaigns, working proactively within a business alongside other marketing disciplines to develop, identify and maximize opportunities.

Smith & Monger concepts and ideas are designed to access the spaces where brands can engage consumers with their story. We make sure the narrative is compelling, strategically sound, and can be developed over time.

PR Specialists

Smith & Monger offers access to leading PR specialists dedicated to one particular client sector. Led by a professional with an average of 10 years experience, they have personal, first name, mobile number access to almost every key journalist in the field in which they operate. They know what the media want to cover, how and when to deliver it – they have the ability to guarantee a lot of branded press coverage and proactively manage a reputation under pressure. So much so, almost all our campaigns now include an element of payment in relation to performance.

In time, we’d like to think there will be a specialist for every client’s needs.

Industry Specialists

Our network of consultants spans the industry sectors in which we operate. They are from senior client or industry backgrounds with a proven track record of launching, building, marketing, investing in and selling businesses. Their input to the development of our campaigns, at our cost, takes us from A to B very quickly. They work with us to identify what will make a positive impact on the bottom line and offering ongoing counsel to S&M clients as required.
Whether it’s the potential for a fully transactional website or the challenges of improving distribution; their expertise can offer clients a useful point of independent reference and a goldmine of practical experience & connections. For us they underline the importance of ROI in what we do. We view marketing budgets as budgets to generate sales – immediately, or in the immediate future.

Our Sector Expertise
Beauty | Health | Wellbeing | Therapists & Practitioners | Fitness | Food & Drink | Travel | New Ventures | Entrepreneur | Live Consumer Events | Fashion & Lifestyle | Retail/e-tail | Campaigns